Simple Guide To Know How To Play Satta Matka King Online!

Game of luck or satta matka is becoming one of the most favorite games among the masses. It is based on guessing random numbers and bidding on them to win the game. Before independence, people used to bet on the cotton rates. Presently, people used to bid on the numbers known as gambling numbers to win some extra cash. Generally, there are two main types of matka guessing games – Kalyan and Worli. However, numerous editions have become popular and won the hearts of the masses. Let’s now have a look at the step-by-step guide that will help you to play satta matka.


How To Play Satta Matka King Online?


Following are the steps that will assist you in playing the game.


  1. As the matka guessing game revolves around gambling numbers. So we will start with picking three random numbers. For instance, we choose 3,4,8.
  2. Make sure you pick the number from 0-9. You need to add these numbers, 3+4+8 = 15, as we got 15 as our final answer. It’s time to pick a number from 1 and 5. Suppose we choose 5 and the first draw becomes 3, 4,8 * 5.
  3. Now it’s time to choose your second set. A similar procedure is followed to get your hands on the second set. For instance, we choose 7,5,3 and add it.
  4. Add the chosen numbers and similarly keep the second number aside, 7+5+3 = 15.
  5. Our second set will look like 7,5,3,*5.
  6. Now the last card will look like – 3,4,8*5 X 7,5,3*5.


How To Win a Satta Matka Game?


Now that you’ve got an idea of how to pick the numbers, it’s time to know you can easily win the matka guessing game. One of the best techniques to play and win matka satta is by making strong strategies. Go for small bets to make sure you don’t lose much money even if you aren’t successful in the first turn. If you’ve any professional gamers on your list, make sure you contact them and ask for some tips.


Lastly, make sure you find an authentic website that will provide you with accurate guidance and help you with the fastest results. Check out the reviews to make sure you are choosing the website that is trusted and verified. Once you’ve picked the right website, you can go to invest your hard-earned money and earn extra cash.



Keeping the aforementioned in mind will help you to play the game like a pro. You can check the results and other information on the satta matka game on the satta matka chart available at the reputed websites. Search for the satta matka tips online before you put your legs into the gaming world. We recommend you keep your bets low, think logically, keep your emotions in control and then invest your real cash in the game.